One of my friends has been talking to me for the past 6 months or so about playing an old school, 1st edition, AD&D campaign. I really jumped at the chance to play in this, since I figured it would be a lot of fun, but a few weeks ago it finally dawned on me that there is no one who is willing to actually act as the DM so I decided to step up and take on that task. It has been about 1.5 years since I have run or played in any game that wasn’t a MMO. (My 4e campaign came to an abrupt end a few months after my wife and I moved and it became apparant that I could no longer keep up my end of the bargin as DM.) I have also found myself gravitiating towards the old school game and wanting to play in that style once again anyway, pulling out all the old rules and adventures to read through them again even before my friend planted the hint in my brain- or so he thought-, so I guess this just ends up working out for all.

This will be a 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign using the Player’s Handbook, Unearthed Arcana, and perhaps some of the old Dragon magazine articles taken out of the Best of magazine collections.

The game will be comprised of old published adventures along with some new adventure material mixed in. Requests have come in to play the G series, the D series, the S series, the A series, and perhaps we will also play the T series as a starting point. Greyhawk was chosen as the home world because that is where the original modules are located and it helps complete the old school feel.

The plan is to use a lot of the old rules that we ignored in the past when we were kids like the hireling and henchmen rules, encumbrance, weapon speed, spell components, etc… along with things like castle building and attracting followers at higher levels. We are going to attempt to stay as close to the original rules as possible and play the game as intended. (Though we have already run into an issue with PC creation and the rules in trying to figure out how a half-elf can dual class and become a bard.) The one house rule so far is that 1st level characters start with max hit points. I’m sure there will be more added as we go on and I familiarize myself with the rules once again.

For all of us playing, it has been many years since we have played 1st edition. For some it will be the first time playing D&D in many years, while for others, it shall be a nostalgia trip to go back and play since this was when we remember having the most fun playing the game. (Or it could be that we are just old and fondly look upon this past time through rose colored glasses. I guess we will find out.)

To Greyhawk and Beyond!